How Healthforce Superfoods are Made in a Vegan & Organic Certified Facility

John from visits Excelsior Alchemy to show you how Healthforce Superfoods are made in a Certified Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher and GMO-Free Facility.

In this episode, you will discover how the best whole food supplements are made in a clean and certified facility.

First, John will share with you more about Elcelsior Alchemy in Phoenix, Arizona and how they are related to Healthforce Nutritionals.

Next, you will go on a tour of this contract-manufacturing facility to learn how superfood green powders are made by sourcing the highest quality ingredients, checking the product multiple times for quality, sifting, mixing and bottling many different herbal formulas and green powders.

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You will discover the entire process of creating their highly rated vitamineral green powder.

Finally, John will sit down with the general manager, Philip and ask him many questions regarding Excelsior Alchemy and the Healthforce superfood products.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
1:50 Not all Superfood Powders are not created equal
03:30 Tour Starts - Certified Vegan, Organic, Kosher and Gluten free
04:38 Getting Suited up to go into the manufacturing facility
06:00 Warehouse tour- Storage of bottles
07:56 Climate Controlled Warehouse
08:15 Quality control Tests - Identity, Heavy Metals, and Microbial tests
14:00 Greener Grasses Product is sourced from the USA
15:10 Weighing Out each of the ingredients to make their formulas
16:23 All ingredients ready to be mixed needs further
17:19 Sifting Machine to ensure proper
17:58 Industrial Mixer- Mixes all ingredients
18:56 Fully mixed product - needs further testing
20:10 Encapsulation vs Whole Powders
21:26 Vegan Certified Facility - Using only Plant Based Capsules
22:37 Putting labels on and sealing Bottles
23:45 Fully bottled Products waiting for Quality Control Check
24:00 Isolated Nutrients vs Whole Food Nutrients
26:17 Going to the Bathroom - natural soaps and natural hand sanitizer
28:02 Testing Lab at the facility
29:00 General Managers Office - Standing vs Sitting Desk
29:45 Interview with Philip, the general manager
30:00 What is the mission of Excelsior Alchemy
30:30 How do you qualify your vendors?
31:15 How are you related to Healthforce Nutritionals
32:06 Never Selling out - Never outsourced
33:00 Open door policy
33:49 Could make a green powder for me?
34:24 What is the minimum order?
35:35 Can you purchase Healthforce products here?
35:58 Do you have any final comments or words of wisdom you would like to share?
37:19 How long have you been manufacturing products?
37:43 How can someone get ahold of you to order their own formulas

After watching this episode you will learn why healthforce superfoods have some of the highest quality nutritional supplements and green superfoods money can buy.

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